After 5 years of featuring the best design animations, UI Movement is changing focus (and name).

UI Movement is now Screenlane.

The focus is still on UI design inspiration, but it's now based on screenshots from live web apps, mobile apps, and marketing sites. You can read more about why these changes are happening here.

The format of this newsletter will remain mostly the same. I hope you stick around, but if you were only here for the fancy animations, then it makes sense to unsubscribe, which you can do so here (or at the bottom of the email):

If you're still here, thanks for sticking around! Here's some UI design inspiration & links:

This week's links 🔗

I know drastic changes like this can be jarring, but I hope you understand why they had to be made and I hope you see the potential for Screenlane.

If you have feedback or want to chat, just respond to this email.


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