Letterfuel is shutting down - learn more

I started Letterfuel because I found the process of creating a weekly newsletter ridiculous.

Every week, I'd clone the previous week's email, delete most of the content, then spend ages copying and pasting into a fiddly template.

Letterfuel solved that problem for me and for some of you, but I never managed to reach enough people with that problem and convince them to use and pay for Letterfuel.

For that reason, it isn't viable for me to continue running it as I have been.

In the next few weeks, the ability to send emails with Letterfuel will be disabled, so the product will esssentially be shut down.

If you still run your newsletter with Letterfuel, you should export your subscribers to another platform as soon as possible.

I know this isn't ideal and I'll give you as long as you need to make the shift. Please email me if you need extra time (ramy@letterfuel.com)

To export your subscribers, to go the "Subscribers" tab from your dashboard, then click on one of the options under "Export subscribers as CSV." You can then import your subscribers to another platform like MailChimp, EmailOctopus, Mailerlite, etc.

If you have questions or feedback about where I may have gone wrong with Letterfuel, please reach out at ramy@letterfuel.com or on Twitter.