Dear subscribers,

It is with great sadness that I'm announcing the end of Fintech Friday.

My intention was to create a source of news good enough to replace all others, even in the workflow of people who have mastered the learning process.

By thoroughly vetting sources and providing short descriptions of each article of news while filtering out speculation, "technical analysis" and vapid price talk that's only harmful to the ecosystem, I had hoped to create something irreplaceable, non-sensationalist and above everything else - useful. I wanted to write the newsletter that I myself would want to read.

Unfortunately, such thoroughness is unsustainably expensive. The plan was to collect at least 100 premium subscribers to reduce expenses at least by a little, but after more than a month that goal isn't even on the horizon.

Thank you to all the subscribers from the bottom of my heart for being with us. I hope we'll mail it up again some time in the future. All current premium subscribers will be contacted separately for refund address verification.

Bye! 👋