Happy Friday! 🥃

I spent the entire week in San Francisco and didn't experience a single clear ice moment. Can you believe that? Part of the reason was I was locked up in meetings the entire time. There was quite a bit more powerpoint watching than clear ice drinking... let's just say that. 

I hope your week had way more clear ice experiences than mine. If not your week, then perhaps your weekend. My fridge is actually empty of clear ice at the moment. I brought my last bag to a party last Friday. Time to break down another block tomorrow!

Ok, let's get into it!

ClearIce.Life Articles ✍

No articles from the site this week. Between travel and job obligations, I wasn't able to pull anything together. Visit the site to catch up on what you might have missed the last couple weeks. 

I did bring some clear ice to a work gathering of Irish Whisky tasting for St. Patrick's day. Once again, everyone there had never seen clear ice before and was amazed.

New Makers This Week 🔨

Three new ice maker this week. Check the whole directory of 39 US companies, 18 international, and 7 @home devices.

Ice Factory - Prague, Czechia


Revolution Craft Ice - Santa Cruz, CA


Craft Ice - Houston, Texas


Instagram Hotness... 🔥

Here are some Instagram finds this week. 

I appreciate this photo because it looks like it was taken from my counter!

You can't help but admire the intensity of the craft.

The ice stamp works, but so does the awesome ice tongs!

WAIT WHAT?!? There is a tiny pineapple carved INSIDE that cube?!

From the Clear.Ice Life Archives 💖

In this article from the past, it was one of the first times we got together to focus on the clear ice tequila experience...

Parting shot... 📷

For my (work) kitchen counter... not quite clear yet... tempering...

Live your best clear ice life out there...

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