Happy Friday! 🥃

Welcome to another week in the books! I hope you have some generous hospitality planned with friends and/or family this weekend! That is pretty much the whole point of using clear ice: To become a better host!

I spent the earlier part of this week in the mountains of New Hampshire sitting around a campfire and drinking clear ice out of my Yeti Rambler. If you don't have one of those yet, get on it!

Ok, let's get into it!

ClearIce.Life Articles ✍

In case you missed it, here are some articles from the site this week.

Clear Ice Puzzle🔍

There was an interesting post on Reddit about how clear ice might form in the wild. How do you think this piece of ice formed? 

I put in my guess... what about yours? 

New Makers This Week 🔨

Only one new ice maker this week. Check the whole directory of 34 US companies, 14 international, and 7 @home devices.

Instagram Hotness... 🔥

Here are some Instagram finds this week. 

What 520 ice cubes look like before they are created!

I always have to respect a good hand cut ice diamond...

In contrast to the ice diamond, I also love a simple hand cut cube as well...

Who doesn't want their freezer to look like this?!? #dreams

Parting shot... 📷

This is what vacation clear ice looks like... from the counter in NH

Live your best clear ice life out there...

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