Happy Friday! 🥃

Times... they are a changing. Things have been pretty hectic this week for me. My fridge is completely empty of clear ice. I don't think I took a single picture of clear ice this week. To make up for that, I've scoured Instagram for continued inspiration. 

I hope you are enjoying more clear ice than I am this week. 

Ok, let's get into it!

ClearIce.Life Articles this week ✍

Only one article this week... my first paying gig with my friend Pritesh!

Instagram Hotness... 🔥

Here are some Instagram finds this week. 

You just can't pass up a massive stack of clear ice... never.

Wait!! Cylinder clear ice?! WHAT IS THIS DARK MAGIC? I must investigate...

Fire and ice gets me every time. I need a blow torch now.

Getting stabby with it.

This picture made me think the ice was running away.

Such an amazing monolith of perfection.

From the Clear.Ice Life Archives 💖

Many people ask me how to make clear ice... but not so many ask, "Why is ice cloudy?" One of the first posts from this site answered that question.

Parting shot... 📷

For someone else's kitchen counter... spreading the gospel.

Live your best clear ice life out there...

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